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Response to Head 11: Notifications

We take issue with the following: It is not intended that the Freedom of Information Act 1997 will apply to these records.

Without the benefit of the Freedom of Information Act it will be impossible to compile statistics on terminations carried out under this legislation. It is in the public interest that details on the numbers of terminations carried out under this legislation are accessible and subject to scrutiny.

In addition, it is essential for the development of evidence based medical practice and continuous improvement of medical care that details of the indications for the terminations and the outcomes are available to medical researchers.

We believe that the information re any abortions sanctioned, could be accessible under the freedom of information Act in a form that protects the identity of individual patients.


We strongly recommend the Freedom of Information Act 1997 should apply to these records, which concern the life and death of patients and the care given by clinicians and nursing staff.

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